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The Erotica Writer's HusbandThe Erotica Writer's Husband
by Jennifer D. Munro
$12.95 USD
ISBN: 0-9754042-7-0

April 2008

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About "The Erotica Writer's Husband"

Fourteen original tales of lust and laughter from the pages of Best American Erotica, Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica, Literary Mama, Clean Sheets, ZYZZYVA, and others. Includes three all new stories. Erotic, humorous, and poignant stories about real-life challenges and their impact on the libido. Sensual yet comic, with the ring of truth rarely seen in erotica, the love child of Anaïs Nin and David Sedaris might have penned these tales.

Visit Jennifer's website at www.munrojd.com.

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