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Author Jennifer D. Munro
Jennifer D. Munro grew up in Hawaii as a fourth-generation islander but now lives in Seattle. Although her grandfather slept through the bombing of Pearl Harbor just beyond his bedroom window, she’s an insomniac who writes when she can’t sleep. Her nonfiction sometimes draws upon her unique childhood in Hawaii, where her great-uncle frequently portrayed the murder victim on the television series Hawaii Five-O (“He was the one in the body bag,” her mother says). From their Honolulu rooftop, her newlywed parents admired a spectacular false sunset produced by a distant nuclear bomb test; this hydrogen bomb was sixty-seven times more powerful than the atom bomb that leveled Nagasaki. A microscopic egg that became J.D. bathed in this toxic glow, which might account for her unique perception of the world (as well as her strange electrical current that shorts out many cars and computers).
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