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We at en theos press are always on the lookout for talented writers and stories that make us wish we wrote them. If you're interested in sending us your work, we're interested in reading it.


en theos press began as a poetry house and will always remain so. However, we are not accepting new poetry manuscripts at present.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction

We are currently accepting MG/YA/Adult speculative fiction manuscripts. If you have work you would like considered, email a query letter and bio to:

Tod McCoy
en theos press

Please put in the subject line: QUERY from Author Name

Write in the body of your email. Do not send any attachments with your query.

We try to respond to every query within 30 days. If interested, we will request the first 3 chapters of your mss.

And to be fair, we are partial to writers who live in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Vancouver (Oregon or BC), and maybe even Idaho.

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"Middle of the Night" by Gwendolyn Alley now available as an ebook! Click here for more information.

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